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We are Satellytes. A team of highly experienced software engineers and designers. We develop sustainable, accessible, reliable and modern web solutions for large companies. If you want to support us in this, then take a look at our open positions right now.

Application process

Applying for a job is often stressful. We know that. That's why our team has come up with four steps that make everything easier.

Work that gives pleasure

We are convinced that joy and enthusiasm at work not only make the working environment more pleasant, but can also increase the productivity and quality of our work. With us, you have the opportunity to fully utilize your skills and talents and contribute your ideas. We promote an open and creative work culture where everyone is heard and has the opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the company.


Teamwork and cohesion are core values for us, which we actively promote. We rely on close collaboration between our development and design teams to jointly develop innovative software solutions.

Work-life balance

We know that work-life balance is an important factor for the well-being of our colleagues. We therefore rely on flexible working hours and home office options to enable our colleagues to achieve a good work-life balance.


Feedback is our most important tool. It is essential for us to be successful as a team. Code reviews, pair programming, daily stand-up meetings, 360-degree feedback: we give everyone the opportunity to constantly improve.


We value and honor the work of our colleagues and want to express this clearly. We rely on an open feedback system in which performance is recognized and progress is discussed.

Positive working environment

We are committed to ensuring that our colleagues are motivated and satisfied by creating a pleasant working environment, providing training and development opportunities, and promoting open communication.

Team events

Joint team events and activities promote the cohesion and motivation of our colleagues. We regularly organize events such as teambuilding workshops, hackathons or gaming evenings to promote creativity and team spirit.


Each team at Satellytes is responsible for its own tasks. Because the best architectures, requirements and designs are created by self-organized teams.


We rely on close cooperation between the various departments and teams to ensure effective and efficient collaboration within the company. Our colleagues have the opportunity to get involved in different areas and expand their know-how.

Perks & Benefits

In addition to a great team, interesting tasks and a modern working environment, we offer you even more extras.


Riding a bike is good for body and mind. With us you can lease a bike or e-bike. We pay the maintenance and insurance and you save about 40% of the total price. So you can not only reduce your carbon footprint, but also stay fit and healthy.

Work where you want

We offer our colleagues the opportunity to work remotely and thus be flexible. Whether you want to work from home or from a coffee shop in the city, you have the freedom to decide where you are most productive.


We love tech conferences and have been to many - sometimes even as speakers. We want the same for you: That's why we pay for tickets, room and board - and support you if you have ambitions to become a speaker:in.

Flexible working hours

We know that every colleague has different needs. That's why we offer flexible working hours so that you can adapt your work to your personal needs.

Lifelong learning

You will learn something every day, no matter if you see yourself as a beginner or a professional. If you don't have the muse yourself, your colleagues will certainly inspire you. And if you ever need a book: every book is on us.

Favorite equipment

We want to make sure you feel comfortable and motivated with us. Whether you prefer to work with a MacBook or a Linux laptop, prefer a mouse or a trackpad, or decide to use VSCode or IntelliJ - with us, the choice is yours.

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